About Project

Checkstyle Beans project contains the set of NetBeans modules needed for annotation of the code that does not match the defined Checkstyle rules. It works inside the editor, displaying the results as soon as the edited file is saved.

Choose version 3.x.x in order to use NetBeans 7/8 and Checkstyle 5.7.

Choose version 2.x.x in order to use Checkstyle 5.

Choose version 1.x.x in order to use Checkstyle 4.

See the Changes Report for the complete overview of recent changes.

The integrated GUI builder filter was removed in version 1.2.0. You can use this as custom filter in standard way since then. This filter is now part of the Extra Code.


The plugin uses the Checkstyle library developed under GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 2.1. It also uses the icon from the Silk Icons package created by Mark James under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.